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Ben & Jerry’s – Are They Tribe Leaders?

April 30, 2009

Out of the blue Ben & Jerry’s decided to pull away one of their most delicious product in Finland. Flavor called Phish Food. Not the bestselling ice cream they expected it to be since it just made room to other flavors. That is what Ben & Jerry’s in Finland said when I asked them about this. But did they miss something?

Will this hurt Ben & Jerry’s brand?

This is a wild theory but try to bare with me. Will it hurt the brand when they deny one product from fanatic Ben & Jerry fans? Phish Food flavor is not something you would eat everytime you buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but it is the one and only flavor which makes people obsessed enough to start support groups to get it back. Visit Facebook group here. If you like the cause by all means join along.

If their sales figure shows that everything is okay, then great. But if  they ask from their fans is their relationship with Ben & Jerry’s a same, then I would say no.


Ignore Apple Users

April 15, 2009

Do it. The market share of Apple in computers is only 10 %. For most marketers that means peanuts. A lousy fraction of the whole cake. However, this doesn’t have to mean you. Because you know that it is crucial to get early adaptors to love your site. They are quick to try new things and stand out from the crowd. They are the ones who spread your idea. Most of them are Apple fanatics. And they use Mac.

Someone will say now that it takes too much effort to make your site to work both on PC and Mac. And they are right. It is easier to make a product aimed directly to masses. But, to get it sold to the crowds you need people the early adaptors.

What if instead of aiming where everyone else is aiming, you choose a completely different target? Instead of showing that you don’t care, you take an alternative approach. You care. Because you know that a small group of brand enthusiastics can make your product a success. Imagine if your brand would get even 10 % of that same love that Apple users show to their mothership? Your servers would crash due to the traffic boom and eventually you would be acquired by Microsoft or Google. So I say don’t try. Keep up with an old view, it is safer.

Introducing New Kebab Subway Sandwich

April 14, 2009

Traditional Subway sandwich meets delicious kebab lamb meat. The sandwich has a spicy taste from pepper flavored tomato sauce. The kebab sliced between a grain wheat bread is at its best with Chipotle Southwest chili mayo. Including fresh vegetables and a few extra jalopenos. Taste of Kebab Subway Sandwich is mouthwatering. To cool off some of the hotness you can add a portion of natural yoghurt to your sandwich. That makes a perfect combination with all the exotic sauces, warm bread, fresh lettuce and spicy kebab meat. Served with ice cold Coke.

Unfortunately this sandwich doesn’t exist. You heard it here first. The author would love to sink his teeth into one. If you know where I can get a sandwich like this, please let me know.

999 Business Ideas For Free

April 13, 2009

Seth Godin’s six month alternative MBA program is running in New York. He is training a very lucky bunch of talented people to become his apprentices. Seth’s group of students has done a great deal of brainstorming and came up with 999 business ideas. The ideas are free to use so take a look. Here’s a link.

Would you use # 917?

Easy and Effective Method To Build Your Network

April 12, 2009

1. Easy to begin

This is an effective way to build your network. It doesn’t matter what your field is. First thing to do is to decide that you want more connections. It is obvious because you are reading this.

2. Give yourself a simple goal

Meet one new person every week inside your industry.

Google the person or the company that you are interested in. Find his or her contact information and make your move. To lower your anxiety level before calling, you can drop an email in advance telling that you are interested to meet and discuss his or her thoughts about the industry in general. Include the time when you are going to call in your mail. This makes it easy for the other person. If you are serious about the person you want to meet write a letter to him or her. When was the last time you received a signed letter made in paper where someone asked your opinion or advice?  Everyone loves to feel important. And they should, because they are.

3. It scales

If you meet one new person every week for example six months in a row, your direct personal network has grown by 24 people. Can you imagine what will happen next? How much your knowledge and understanding of your industry will grow? Your reputation as a person who is interested in listening others instead of talking about himself starts to bring more contacts and opportunities to you. If you play this right you don’t have make so many calls to get new meetings. Eventually people will start calling you and wanting to meet you. It starts to scale exponentially when lay the foundings by taking the first step. Good luck!