Should Direct Marketing Die As We Know it?

February 24, 2009

Recent research speaks loudly that we are underestimating the power of email marketing. In the US according to eMarketer article only 1.5 % of total direct marketing budget is used to email.  Rest of the money still goes to traditional channels bringing traditional (average) results.

Sure, it is not as sexy as making TV ads or designing viral campaings that creates buzz. Permission based email marketing is not the coolest thing to do in the online world. But, it does bring sales, lots of sales.  And unlike most advertising, you can measure every single penny and cent to see whether it is working or not. 

Should we start focus just a little bit more to methods that actually gets products sold? Wouldn’t it be great if you could show to your boss that your advertising campaing did work and it only costed 1/10 of what it used to cost?

P.S. Congratulations to Seth Godin for his 3,000th blog post. (You got me writing this blog)


3 Responses to “Should Direct Marketing Die As We Know it?”

  1. ThatGuySteve Says:

    Only 1.5% of total direct marketing budgets are spent on email… because email is cheap. Now, granted I feel that they should be highly utilized and focused (seeing as I am an email marketer). But it does not always work to entice a consumer entirely.

    That is where other direct marketing can come in. Also, it is less risky to purchase a mailing list than an emailing list.

  2. Jim Gilbert Says:

    email is great as a prospect to customer conversion tool and a customer retention tool. As to customer acquisition, due to spam issues you are much better off using more traditional direct marketing such as direct mail, print ads etc.

    Jim Gilbert

  3. Risto Saaremets Says:

    Thank god that people aren’t advertising through mail, otherwise I would close my email account!!

    I always look at advertisement as just a price companies have to pay for being unoriginal.

    So instead of solving your of low sales problem with more advertisement. Solve it by changing your product line!

    If that is not an option then yes, email is a brilliant way to advertise if being concise. The capability of directly targeting consumer groups you need, is a measure of precision. This also retains your products image as being exclusive.

    Of course now that everybody has flash 10 on their computers, I say video animation is the way to best appeal. People do not think in words, they think in images. And the main advantage of an animation is that is can capture the clients own creativity, thus moving him or her on an individual level.

    I have started to learn about Final cut pro, because it is the best editing software out there. I will be creating promotional videos for my new products soon, so Timo watch out for it!!! 😀

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