Should You Pay For Exercising or Get Paid For Getting Fat?

January 19, 2009

If you ask from your government the answer is “get paid for getting fat”. Like it or not, that is what most countries do. They throw more money to the bonfire instead of trying to stop the fire from starting at all. Is there something wrong in this picture?

Think for a second about people who are seriously over-weight. They eat themselves to a condition were the only solution what the government can do is to slow down the inevitable.  At that point it is way too late to start turning your life around when you can barely climb a couple of stairs. Treatment these people need costs much more than a monthly gym membership. 

Has anyone calculated what it costs to a goverment to support any kind of exercising three times a week, compared to over-weight people spending their last 10 to 20 years in hospital, getting surgeries and popping expensive pills? Or how much more does a healthy person produce to the society compared to his bigger co-workers? I’m betting a lot.

Instead of waiting until the fat bubble bursts should we start thinking how to motivate people to take in charge of their health right now, even if it costs little money in a short-term?


One Response to “Should You Pay For Exercising or Get Paid For Getting Fat?”

  1. Risto Saaremets Says:

    Quite a contraversal subject you are raising here.

    But if I have realised anything, it would most cerainly be the fact that people only realise something is bad for them after they have been to the very worst of the circumstances.
    As Al Gore drew the analogy of human behavior being much like a frogs.
    Put a frog in boiling water and he jumps out.
    Put a frog in warm water and slowly heat it to boiling point and the frog will stay and die in the pot.

    From my own experience, I can continue to eat MaC donalds regularly knowing at one point I may end up with a heart attack, but still continue cause there is no immediate effect.
    Smoke till I die?
    Drink till I drop?

    No kind of controversial advertisement can change peoples habits, unless it is restricted by law…

    If I understand what you are suggesting now is government funded gyms?
    It would certenly be a very distinctive quality that would improve our governments image. Perfect:D, free gym, sweet!!!!!
    Think again… in two years that gym is going to be a shit hole, where dirty Russians would deal drugs and steal shit from people who go to the gym.

    I say let the fatties eat!!!

    Its certainly not going to be the skinny people who are going to save the restaurant businesses out of the trouble.

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