Interactive Movies

January 5, 2009

You have it. I have it. About three billion people in this world have it. And the number is raising every day. I’m talking about mobile phones. It is a credit card that even eight year old kids have. There are plenty of examples in the entertainment industry about how to use this to ring the cash register bell. My favorite example is Habbo. In this post I’m going to give you a few more.

What I would like to see is a movie where I could  decide how the plot would develop further. Imagine a scene of Gladiator where Russell Crowe is about give the final blow to his opponent. Just before cutting the challenger in half with his sword he would turn to the audience and ask them to decide whether the opponent deserves to die?

“Do you show mercy to this man?”

You could then pick up your phone and send SMS to number visible on screen to decide “Yes or No” whether the man lives or dies. After that there would be an alternative scene shown according to how the cinema audience have voted. There could be more decisions for you to make during the movie to decide how the story goes.

Anyone who has watched any DVD extras  knows that there are plenty of material cutted out and lots of alternative scenes as well. So not much of extra work to create more material is needed.

New business model for the show business

Technology for  SMS-voting does already exist. For the movies and cinemas this would bring an extra revenue every time when the movie is shown. Let’s say one vote costs 50 cents. Movies are shown many times per day. You can do the math.

People would be eager to see a movie more than once since this time it might end differently. Movies would get talked about much more because everyone wants to know what could have happened if I hadn’t voted YES to James Bond shooting M.

You could also use this model for different live shows. At the KISS concert I bet if Gene Simmons had asked the audience to send SMS to choose the final track over 50 % would have voted (I would have vote for Detroit Rock City).


4 Responses to “Interactive Movies”

  1. Roman Pototski Says:

    I remember i have seen this series on Russian MTV that people could actually vote for what would happen in the next episodes. Don’t know if it’s still on or not, since i’m not a fan of this…
    But it is probably quite logical that entertainment business gradually comes closer to what AUDIENCE wants. Let it be customized advertisement or SMS voting for the movies, songs etc…

    PS: By the way, if everyone would be able to vote which songs would be played on next concert, we would hear probably same songs over and over again everywhere )))

  2. Risto Saaremets Says:

    Yes, the same old cinema has been around for too long! The ordinary car that runs on petrol has gotten old! The TV, which once was a miracle, is now nothing but a boring mind washing line of publicity!

    Why is it then that theater, which hasn’t changed from when ever it came around, still keeps us interested? IS it the originality of each play? Is it the prestigious feeling one gets when entering the hall? Or is it in the breaks the audience gets in the middle of each play? Do we like talk more about a play we have just seen, or a movie? And why is it so ?

    I personally believe that people once they’ve seen a play share a greater experience than people who’ve just seen a movie. I presume it is a combination of little extra things that a theatrical play is able to give its audience. But most importantly it is how the play interacts with the audience. Actors are foremost taught to interact with their audience and I find this is the key.

    To tell you, in theory this idea of interacting with a movie you are watching in the cinemas is not only a great idea to make more revenue, but from a costumers point of view it is very exciting! Just as when watching a theatrical play one would get a chance to have a five minute break and decide how the movie should continue. It will create a huge amount of buzz, as all new things do, and cinemas will actually have an advantage over watching a movie at home.

    Interaction is the key to everything. Imagine a fridge which detects what you need and buys it off the net, gets it delivered to your door and saves you from shopping. I really need to go shopping and I’m sick, I can’t be fucked to but at least I get my next best thing, Granny!

    Btw, I love what they have done with the upcoming PC and Mac interfaces. A ten finger all hands on detection screen that has limitless application. You have to see it to believe it! First link is the guy who came up with it and second link is Microsoft taking the idea over.

  3. Risto Saaremets Says:

  4. Risto Saaremets Says:

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