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Branson School of Entrepreneurship

January 28, 2009

Check out this link to Richard Branson’s blog post about helping entrepreneurs getting started in South Africa. It is amazing how he still keeps driving on. Truly an inspirational man.


Should You Pay For Exercising or Get Paid For Getting Fat?

January 19, 2009

If you ask from your government the answer is “get paid for getting fat”. Like it or not, that is what most countries do. They throw more money to the bonfire instead of trying to stop the fire from starting at all. Is there something wrong in this picture?

Think for a second about people who are seriously over-weight. They eat themselves to a condition were the only solution what the government can do is to slow down the inevitable.  At that point it is way too late to start turning your life around when you can barely climb a couple of stairs. Treatment these people need costs much more than a monthly gym membership. 

Has anyone calculated what it costs to a goverment to support any kind of exercising three times a week, compared to over-weight people spending their last 10 to 20 years in hospital, getting surgeries and popping expensive pills? Or how much more does a healthy person produce to the society compared to his bigger co-workers? I’m betting a lot.

Instead of waiting until the fat bubble bursts should we start thinking how to motivate people to take in charge of their health right now, even if it costs little money in a short-term?

Interactive Movies

January 5, 2009

You have it. I have it. About three billion people in this world have it. And the number is raising every day. I’m talking about mobile phones. It is a credit card that even eight year old kids have. There are plenty of examples in the entertainment industry about how to use this to ring the cash register bell. My favorite example is Habbo. In this post I’m going to give you a few more.

What I would like to see is a movie where I could  decide how the plot would develop further. Imagine a scene of Gladiator where Russell Crowe is about give the final blow to his opponent. Just before cutting the challenger in half with his sword he would turn to the audience and ask them to decide whether the opponent deserves to die?

“Do you show mercy to this man?”

You could then pick up your phone and send SMS to number visible on screen to decide “Yes or No” whether the man lives or dies. After that there would be an alternative scene shown according to how the cinema audience have voted. There could be more decisions for you to make during the movie to decide how the story goes.

Anyone who has watched any DVD extras  knows that there are plenty of material cutted out and lots of alternative scenes as well. So not much of extra work to create more material is needed.

New business model for the show business

Technology for  SMS-voting does already exist. For the movies and cinemas this would bring an extra revenue every time when the movie is shown. Let’s say one vote costs 50 cents. Movies are shown many times per day. You can do the math.

People would be eager to see a movie more than once since this time it might end differently. Movies would get talked about much more because everyone wants to know what could have happened if I hadn’t voted YES to James Bond shooting M.

You could also use this model for different live shows. At the KISS concert I bet if Gene Simmons had asked the audience to send SMS to choose the final track over 50 % would have voted (I would have vote for Detroit Rock City).

Have a Great Year

January 1, 2009