Kill This Blog

December 22, 2008

Jim Rohn said “to lift others, you have step to higher ground first”. We are so quick to find fault in others when we are the ones not making progress. Instead of focusing what is wrong with others, think what you can do better?

Do you think positive attitude takes you further than negative? Why is it that instead of encouraging others, we so often kill the idea before it has even born? So what if you don’t have enough money to do it or you don’t know the right people yet.  Is that an excuse not to try? There should be a law that says “after you hear a new idea, negative opinions are not allowed during the first 24 hours”. This would at least give some extra time for the newborn before jackals come.

I think others judgement is the biggest reason why so little of new ideas ever catch the wind. Let me prove it to you. You have the power to kill this blog right now, right here. Simply fill the comment field with negative comments regularly and you can pretty much bet that it will be the end of this story.

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas and lessons with you. I hope you’ll find it useful. Welcome to Timo Jäppinen’s blog.


3 Responses to “Kill This Blog”

  1. Risto Saaremets Says:

    I agree with what once was said by someone whose name I can no longer recall.
    “What one hears he forgets, what one sees he remembers, but what one does he understands.”

    I am a visualiser. Someone who learns best by action. This is probably why I do the most irrational things. Not all smart, but what is life if not an adventure. I know I learn more from my mistakes than from my successes so the way I learn the most is to keep my successes to the minimal. That of course doesn’t mean I deliberately fail, but in the contrary. The majority celebrate sucesses that are of their current reality. A success for me is some precise goal in far future which is not currently my reality at present. I believe the question everyone should be asking themselves is what is their own REALITY, and why is it so?

    I liked how Robert T. Kiyosaki used a cup of water to illustrate how realities work. Supposing everyone has their specific skill, talent or, something they could with little struggle be very successful with. Now someone, whose mind doesn’t work in the same way in this specific field represents a smaller cup and someone someone who is naturally eased into a specific field represents a larger cup. Both work hard at filling the cups by increasing their knowledge. Despite of this, no matter how much you overfill the smaller cup, potentially it will still be smaller. Now unless one is willing to change his or her reality the cup will still keep on overfilling. Sadly people do not take this into consideration and end up living their life with just one cup. This is mostly why we find so many unhappy mediocre people.

    I also believe following a self acknowledged passion with enough positive and creative thought nothing becomes impossible. By routinely learning enough about a certain subject of personal interest and giving it enough thought each day, anyone’s wildest dream can become reality.

    So. Does school destroy creativity and dreams?
    In my opinion, not if you know know what you want to get out of it to make your dream a reality. School gives you options and knowledge. Its yours for the taking, but do you know what you want to receive? There lies the fundamental problem. Not many people remember what they want after all subjects have been imposed upon them. Sure everybody knew who they wanted to be when growing up. There was a big dream for everyone. But conditioning has had its effect and remembering what once was is no longer clear.

    So what is there to do ? I leave it up to you .

    • Thanks for your fantastic comment, Risto!

      I have never realized that we all had one or more specific goals when we were growing up. I wanted to be a secret agent. Then I found out that you have to be average size, average looking and with a face that is easy to forget in order to be a secret agent. If this is not just my reality, but theirs too, I wonder how many applicants do they get? Who really sees himself as an average person?

      Maybe we should take a moment to look where are really going? Is it our own path or is it something we do because we thought we can’t be secret agents.

      PS. FBI is hiring. Visit this link.

  2. Risto Saaremets Says:

    To answer your question, we should first clear up what it means to KNOW something at the first place.
    Google defines it as :”Knowledge is part of the hierarchy made up of data, information and knowledge. Data are raw facts. Information is data with context and perspective. Knowledge is information with guidance for action”‘

    This I find is too vague of a definition, but for now lets go with it. If you collect data through experimentation, in your case your company, and analyze it in perspective of the present market you may find way for a new innovative project. Which you did…
    All jobs have ups and downs, I think you just came to realize being an FBI agent wouldn’t be just as fun as it seemed at first. Remember appearances are deceiving, don’t ever doubt that.

    I think by always asking what you don’t see yet is the key to being on top. Most of the times another persons perspective, can bring in fresh ideas. Not because they are necessarily more educated, but mostly because their perspective is different.

    To come back to your question who thinks they are average. Well as Napoleon Hill put it. There are two types of people. There are ducks and Eagles. Ducks are people who let the system control them. Even if the system is broken, they don’t even consider beating it.

    Perfect example: The day before yesterday I went snowboarding. At the station they just got a new magnetic ski pass system working. Before they just printed out a code bar with the date and a guy would check it for you, but I guess they thought investing in these expensive machines would cut down the number of employees. Well, we brought the cards, went to the gate and it didn’t work. Wrong date date!… the lift guy shouted. I went back to the woman who sold it, and she said nothing that was in her power could be done, because she already checked the card into the system. Seriously I spent ten minutes telling her I wanted a refund and another card. She was giving me so much shit, I though to my self, I must be on MTV Boiling point! Hoping for some random guy to jump out and hand me a hundred euros. Well time passed and that didn’t happen. I then told her to go run along and find me an Eagle. With a confusing stare she stood up and asked her college if she could see what was to be done. I didn’t even want to explain to her what was going on couse I knew that ducks fly in flocks. All I would have heard would have been “KuWaaak Kuwaaak Kuwaak!”. So I told her to get her lazy ass out of the cabin, run along to her manager or anyone, anyone at all who could just think they could do something to help me. As she left she said “I’m going to try but I’m telling you we can’t do anything!” ten minutes later a guy with one arm came along. He had a talki walkie and told everybody to take the gates down cause the system was malfunctioning.
    One minute and the problem was solved. I shook his hand and turned to the Duck ” This right here is an Eagle!”
    I bet at the time she still didn’t understand what I meant, but that didn’t matter.

    Cause I knew at this point, that Duck there considered herself as an average person.

    Why do you think now that an eagles eye is a symbol for vision?
    Let me put it this way. Eagles fly high and most of the times alone. Ducks fly in flocks and go where others have already been. Eagles dodge bullets and ducks go for the bait.

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